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If you learn the sushi's SUSHI CLASS in the exhibition room "Sushi school" where you can acquire knowledge of sushi's history and culture, you may become "sushi"! Sushi to eat from knowing is also exceptional.

Facility details

"Shimizu sushi museum" was born as the first sushi theme park in Japan. And "Shimizu Sushi Alley" of free admission, "of 2F SUSHI CLASS has been divided into and paid zone with a focus on (sushi Gakudo)".
In "Shimizu sushi yokocho" you can enjoy delicious sushi of various types.

business hours
Shimizu sushi museum 11: 00 ~ 18: 00
Shimizu sushi lantern 11: 00 ~ 21: 00
For those who use Shimizu sushi Yokocho discount! Adult: 500 yen → 250 yen Dwarf: 200 yen → 100 yen

Please present the receipt of Shimizu sushi alley to the reception staff!

  Adult (junior high school student) Dwarf (4 years and over)
General 500 yen 200 yen
People with disabilities 400 yen 100 yen

※ People with disabilities should present their notebook. (One attendant per person with disabilities)

Shimizu sushi landing entrance free Sushi shop · A variety of fresh stories presented by Shimizu. Now, pick up your favorite shop and eat it.
There are a lot of sushi 's famous shops. Let's enjoy your favorite stories at your favorite store!

Guide inside the hall

The pay zone of 2F is the information sending place of sushi. Among the nostalgic atmosphere that reproduces the Port of Shimizu neighborhood of the Meiji era, the knowledge of the history and culture of sushi obtained " SUSHI CLASS ", you can enjoy the "sushi dojo" stocked with books and videos about sushi.

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Highlights of the hotel
Sushi Gakudo (sushi gakuge)

Learn the history and culture of sushi

The exhibition room where you can learn the history and culture of sushi is "Sushi school". In Sushi Kanbudo, there are various exhibitions such as reproduction of the stage of Kabuki deeply involved with sushi, introduction of sushi in various parts of Japan, tools for making sushi etc. You are already at home as soon as possible.

Origin of sushi

I will follow the history of sushi

Origin of sushi is thought to be from Northern Thailand, Yunnan Province of China from the border zone of Thailand Laos. Actually, the area around here is still an area with many types of "Teruji". And, from ancient times paddy field rice crops were a popular land, catching fish in paddy fields and surrounding waterways

Kabuki stage

Fish bottle that appears in "Yoshitsune Senbon Sakura"

Yorika Yoshino's "Fishing Bottle" appears in Joruri "Yoshitsune Senbon Sakura". This is still a real sushi restaurant, and was also presented to the Shogunate and the Chigo Gosho (Edo Period) in the Edo era. "Yoshitsune Senbon Sakura" became a place where people could know because of the popularity of kabuki and bunraku, and the name of the fishing bottle has spread further in the world.

Kanji of sushi material

How many kanji can you read?

The feelings of fish commonly used for sushi's story line up. I think that those of design which enumerated these kanji are often seen also in the sushi restaurant etc. Well, how many kanji can you read?

Introduction of honorary director of Shimizu sushi museum

For the exhibition rooms / exhibits in this museum we are supervised by Professor Mitsutoshi Hibino "Regional Culinary Researcher".

Hibino Mitsutoshi (Hibino no Toru)

Born in Ogaki-shi, Gifu Prefecture in 1960.
1985 Nagoya University Graduate School of Letters Graduate School of Letters (Humanities and Geography) Master's Program End Gifu City History Museum Curator, now Professor of Kyoto Japanese Culture Research Center, Kyoto Prefecture University. "Major" Cultural geography, Japanese culture theory, Japanese ethnology (Lifestyle ethnology) The leading sushi research in Japan.
Since I was a student I have been researching "food culture · sushi" throughout Japan and are still ongoing.

"Sushi no Sushi"
Gifu Shimbun's 2nd Japan Sociological Society of Japan
Received research promotion award
"The Square of Sushi" / Takanabe
"Visit the history of sushi" / Iwanami Shoten
"Dictionary of Sushi" / Tokyo-dō Publishing

Honorary Director Hibino journal

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