Convenience guide

Convenient for everyone


There is information on main building 1F, side of escalator (front of Shimizu sushi museum entrance).

We prepare various pamphlets concerning S-PULSE DREAM PLAZA .
We are following the information.

  • Calling for lost child
  • Drop items, forgotten items received
  • Parking fee discount service
Everybody's toilet

We have a toilet available to wheelchair guests on each floor.

Wheelchair accessible at wheelchair
1F Back of Shimizu Sushi Yokocho "Yuki Sushi", behind "Shukawa souvenir Yokocho", back of Shimizu Irifune Street "Shukawa Minori Market"
2F Food court back
3F Next to Chibimarukochan land
4F "MOVIX Shimizu" Floor
Parking Lot "P1 parking lot (multistory parking lot)" 1F elevator floor
  • Pediatric toilet / 1F, 2F "everyone's toilet" also has a toilet for children.
  • Baby cot / There is a cot in the toilet on each floor or in the vicinity.

Convenient for shopping

Coin locker

We will prepare a coin locker and will keep your luggage until your return. (Paid)

Coin locker installation location
1F Near Togakushi soba (coin locker / refrigerated coin locker)
2F National highway entrance / national highway deck
3F A Museum side
  • Large coin locker is only 1F ・ 2F
【1F Shimizu Hurrifune Street】 Shopping cart · Shopping wagon

On 1F Shimizu street, you can use 【Shopping cart】. Please use it for shopping.

Areas available
1F Shimizu Alphabet Street each shop * Accounting is available for each store.
Number of loans
50 (10 child carriers)

In-house map · cart repository

※ We do not do lending out of the library.

«Shopping wagon» can also be used.

The shopping wagon can be used from the newborn for two months. It is also a type of shopping basket.

Loan time
Lending and returning place
1F Information
Number of loans
3 units

Convenient for small children

Nursing room

We have a nursing room at the back of the main building 2F food court. In the nursing room, the following amenities are available. (free)

Nursing room amenity list
  • Nursing booth (3 rooms)
  • Baby cot (2 units ... 2 also in front of the toilet on the 1st floor)
  • Sofa (2 units)
  • Water heater
  • Diapers Recycle Bin
  • Since breastfeeding booths are separated, privacy from the outside is protected.
  • You can change the diaper even with your baby's dad.
Baby stroller rental

Baby strollers are available for rent at the main building 1F information. Please feel free to contact us. (free)

  • Rental time 10: 00 ~ 18: 00
  • ※ We have wheel chairs available, but it is for urgent customer.
  • ※ We do not do lending out of the library.
Multipurpose sheet

Main building 1F "Suruga souvenir yokocho" There is a multipurpose seat "Universal seat vertical type" MultipurposeBed in the back room in the back. Not only for your baby's care but also for adults. In order to be able to use it with a small child with confidence, "Baby seat" was also installed in male, female, any of the rest rooms.

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Traffic access
Parking service
business hours​ ​※ It varies according to some stores
shop10: 00 ~ 20: 00
Restaurant11: 00 ~ 21: 00

7 days a week

Contact Us(General information)

tel. 054-354-3360 (Reception hours 9:30 to 18:30)

For inquiries to each store, details of opening hoursHere
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