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event informationVarious events are held at S-PULSE DREAM PLAZA . event list

2021年4月27日(火)   ‥‥...





\ 2021年4月28日(水)清水マリーナサーカスOPEN /


静岡県太鼓まつりin 清水 ~春の陣~

2021年4月18日(日) 静岡県太鼓まつ...

The Wadaiko (4th Sunday of every month)

On the fourth Sunday of every month is a Japanese drumming day! Brave sum ...


~エスパルスドリームプラザ ×...

春のすしグルメ祭り まぐろVSサーモン

2021年3月20日(土)~4月11日(日) ...

Shop newsPlease spend a pleasant moment at shopping, restaurants. news list
アミュージアム 新景品入荷♪

『名探偵コナン PMフィギュア         ...

海辺のビュッフェ はとばキッチン はとばキッチン 私達と一緒に働きませんか?

  スタッフ 大・大・大募集中です。 まずはご連絡...

海辺のビュッフェ はとばキッチン 第3弾 「美味しかった料理を投票しよう!」キャンペーン!

  「美味しかった料理を投票しよう!」キャンペーン ...

海辺のビュッフェ はとばキッチン はとばキッチン 4月のおすすめメニュー

  はとばキッチン 4月のおすすめメニュー ・春のバ...

Hatoba Kitchen February 2021 "Let's vote for delicious food!" Campaign results

February 2021 "Let's vote for delicious food!" Campaign ...

Hatoba Kitchen Hatoba Kitchen "Let's vote for delicious food!" Campaign 2nd!

The second campaign is being held from December 1st ❕ ...

tips New life support! OUTLET SALE held!

Right now, at S-Pulse Square on the 1st floor, "Support for new life!" OUTLET S ...

tips Novelty gifts!

More gifts such as graduation, retirement, admission, admission, employment ...

Shop BLOGIt is a new blog of each shop.
美容室サンク ★大人秋nail★

美容室サンク ★秋のRed nail★

美容室サンク 10月も元気に、、


美容室サンク ★ちょこっとオシャレnail★


美容室サンク ☆ミラーnail☆

美容室サンク ☆情熱の赤nail☆


美容室サンク ☆人気のスモーキーピンク☆


美容室サンク ★可愛い秋nail☆


Enjoy the doppler!S-PULSE DREAM PLAZA has various facilities. Please enjoy according to the application.
Ferris wheel Dream Sky

Above ground level 52m, air travel of about 13 minutes per lap.
There are two gondolas capable of riding a pet.

Shimizu sushi museum

"Shimizu sushi museum" which was born as the first sushi theme park in Japan

Sumpuya souvenir alley

Yokocho who gathered plenty of delicious under Shizuoka prefecture.
We have a rich variety of items.

Sound Shower ark

It is the largest live space in Shizuoka prefecture. Please enjoy realistic live entertainment.


Please enjoy futsal at the coat where you can see the yacht harbor. We are looking for participating teams.

Seaside buffet Hatoba kitchen

A body - friendly buffet restaurant with plenty of vegetables. There is also a terrace seat.


Shimizu Port Sunrise area where the charm of the seaside has been fully crowded. To Shimizu Port which prospered as "working people" once ...

Doolepers enjoying the weekend

To you who will visit S-PULSE DREAM PLAZA during the weekend, introduce a nice plan!

Doolepers enjoying weekdays

Introduce a recommended model plan to you who will visit S-PULSE DREAM PLAZA on weekdays!

We will receive travel magic show

How about a magic show at an event / party such as a wedding ceremony / year-end party / child association?

MIKUNI SHIMIZU Shimizu Port cruise port call information Mont Marche
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business hours​ ​※ It varies according to some stores
shop10: 00 ~ 20: 00
Restaurant11: 00 ~ 21: 00

7 days a week

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tel. 054-354-3360 (Reception hours 9:30 to 18:30)

For inquiries to each store, details of opening hoursHere
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