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When you present the membership card of "Asahi Television Culture", you can receive service at any time.
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the purpose Service contents Area · Shop name
Eat ※ Only for those who have you eat. This Is Cafe From checkout5% OFF
Shimizu fish to field Lunch: coffee service
Dinner: First drink half price
DELHI'S KITCHEN Soft drink One glass of service ※ Customers who ordered curry
McDonald's Soft twist usually 100 yen ⇒ ¥ 70
※ Except period limited products
※ Can not be used with other coupons
※ When out of stock drink S size 30% OFF
Shimizu sushi lantern Entering ship Random hand held rulerSingle service
Japan's first flow Sushi Numazu fish sushi Sushi Itosuke Omakase Consistent grip service
Shimizu Port Sakanaya All meals100 yen discount
Shimizu Minato fisherman's bowl shop All meals100 yen discount
回転寿司 のぶちゃん All items 10% OFF ※ Customers ordered over 2,000 yen
Meal disposal large fishing market Grip, bowl, set meal10% OFF
※ Excluding lunch
Shimizu Alphabet Shimizu fried rice dish Mini salad Or Mini apricot tofu service
※ Customers who ordered meals
Hatoba Kitchen From checkout100 yen discount
Tuna one ship buy wholesaler
Bannow fisheries
Meal price20% OFF
buy ABC-MART By purchasing over 5,000 yen 500 yen OFF
By purchasing over 10,000 yen 1,000 yen OFF
※ Some items are excluded
MALAIKA Purchase over 2,000 yenNovelty gifts
tips (Tips) Stamp cardDouble pointsservice
CRAFT MARKET In-store product5% OFF※ Excluding some sale items etc.
Shimizu soccer shop All items5% OFF※ Tickets, books, DVDs, sweets, sale items etc. excluded
Shimizu Alphabet Tonkatsu Shinjuku Pottery From checkout 5% OFF
play Chibimarukochan land General adult / dwarf entrance fee 10% OFF
Espace Plaza Court Court rental fee (first hour) 5,500 yen (Regardless of weekdays, weekends and holidays, day and night)
* For 2 hours use, the first hour is 5,500 yen
A museum Crane game1 play free
  • Can not be combined with other services.
  • All are displayed with tax-included price.
  • Service contents may be changed in part.
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Traffic access
Parking service
business hours​ ​※ It varies according to some stores
shop10: 00 ~ 20: 00
Restaurant11: 00 ~ 21: 00

7 days a week

Contact Us(General information)

tel. 054-354-3360 (Reception hours 9:30 to 18:30)

For inquiries to each store, details of opening hoursHere
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