About movie theaters

現在上映中の映画の上映時間を知りたいのですが ?

MOVIX Shimizu website Please refer to.


You can enter from the main road 2F national roadside deck. Please refer to "MOVIX Shimizu" page for opening time.

Do you see discounts on parking fees when you watch movies?

Become. For more informationAccess / parking lot Please refer to the.

About transport access / parking lot

駐車場はありますか。また、駐車料金はいくらですか ?

We have about 1,600 parking spaces including contracted parking lots. For parking fee, all parking lots are 200 yen per hour. We also offer discounted parking fee discount service. For more informationAccess / parking lotPlease refer to the.

Does the holiday parking lot get crowded?


土曜日:10時 11時 12時台の交通情報時
日曜日:10時 11時 12時台の交通情報時
祝日:12時 13時 14時台の交通情報時

身体障がい者用の駐車スペースはありますか ?

駐車場情報はこちら です。

Where is the nearest train station?

It is JR Shimizu station, or Shizuoka Railway Shinchisui station.

Is there a free shuttle bus service?

Every day, we are operating between JR Shimizu Station East Exit and Shizuoka Railway Shinshima Station and S-PULSE DREAM PLAZA .
The journey takes approximately 10 minutes.Here is the timetableis.

About business guidance

Please tell me the opening hours.

It is 10: 00 ~ 20: 00.
Since some stores are different, Opening hours of each store Please see.

When is the regular holiday?

S-PULSE DREAM PLAZA is open all seven days a week. There are regular holidays at some stores.

Is there an ATM?


About visiting with pets

Can I enter with a pet?

We will refuse entry into the hall with pets.

Is there a shop where you can eat with pets?

1F海側デッキに面した「This is Cafe」、「Rusoma Cafe Hawaii」、「はとばキッチン」、「まぐろ一船買い問屋 バンノウ水産」、2F「フードコート」の海側デッキは、ペットと一緒にご利用いただけます。

About credit card

利用できるクレジットカード、電子マネーはなんですか ?

クレジットカードはスマイルパーソナルカード、VISA、Master Card、日専連、UCカード、JCBカード、アメックス、ダイナース、ディスカバー、銀聯カードがご利用いただけます。
電子マネーは、QUIC Pay+、楽天Edy、iD、WAON、nanacoを始め、suica等の交通系電子マネー、メルペイ、ALIPAY等のコード決済もご利用いただけます。

Electronic money

About facilities and services

Is there a multi-purpose toilet?

In the hall, we have set up everyone's toilet on each floor for comfortable use by people with physical disabilities, babies and young children.

Where can I get a stroller's free rental service?

We are preparing at the main information 1F general information information. Please do not hesitate to offer.
◎ Lending time 10: 00 ~ 18: 00 ※ The number is limited.

Is there a paid coin locker?

Main building 1F near Togakushi soba, 2F national highway entrance, 3F next to the museum. * Large coin lockers are available on 1F and 2F only. Size: Large 346mm × 482mm × 774mm

Is there a nursing room?

It is located on the 2nd floor of the main building, opposite the toilet on the food court side. Also, there is a toilet with diaper change bed in the restroom on each floor.

Is there a smoking place?

本館1F 清水いりふね通り奥「喫煙専用室」【屋内】、海側デッキ緑地遊歩道駐輪場近くにございます。


About the handling of found items

I would like to know about the handling of found items?

· The found item is submitted to the Shimizu police station within one week from the notification to the 1F information.
· Two weeks from the pickup date is the storage period.
· In accordance with the revised lost and found item law, umbrellas, clothes etc will be disposed of after 2 weeks.
Valuables will be delivered to the Shimizu police station.

Contact Information

(Reception time: 9: 30 ~ 18: 30)
Here is the mail form
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