About S-Pulse Dream Plaza

The S-Pulse Dream Plaza was opened on 8th October 1999, the year marking the 100th anniversary of Shimizu Port.
It is a shopping center at the seaside where visitors can enjoy shopping, gourmet food and entertainment.

Shimizu Sushi Lane

Different sushi restaurants form a line in "Shimizu Sushi Lane”, sitting side by side with offerings ranging from Tokyo-style sushi to sushi-go-round.
They compete with each other to offer you the best sushi with the freshest ingredients from Shimizu.

Gourmet Guide

Hatoba Kitchen Japanese-style buffet restaurant offering many healthy options


Bannou Suisan Tuna from Shimizu Port that can be enjoyed

Menya Tsubame A popular ramen shop chain in Shizuoka

You can choose among various local specialties such as rice with cherry shrimp tempura as well as buckwheat noodles from the restaurants and the food court in the shopping center.

Chibi Maruko-chan Land

In this museum visitors can experience the world of the popular anime, “Chibi Maruko-chan." It recreates the world of this anime with the exhibitions related to the Sakura family’s life in Shimizu.

At the popular Chibi Maru Photo Studio, guests can wear Maruko or Tama-chan’s costumes and become the characters in the anime! Usually, Maruko’s costumed character appears on the weekend at the S-Pulse Dream Plaza.


The S-Pulse Dream Plaza is in a perfect location at the Hinode area of Shimizu Port.
The historic Shimizu Port, yacht harbor and Suruga Bay are spread out in front of the shopping center.
From Ferris Wheel Dream Sky magnificent views of the World Heritage site Mount Fuji can be seen across Suruga Bay on sunny days.
To the west, Nihondaira can be seen where as looking north you will see the Japanese Southern Alps.


Public transportation Take the Tokaido line at JR Shizuoka Station and get off at Shimizu Station.
Take the Shizutetsu Bus Miho-Yamanote Line and get off at Hatoba/Verkehr Hakubutsukan-mae.

By car Approx. 60 min from Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport
Approx. 10 min from Tomei Expressway Shimizu IC via Shimizu Marine Road

Free shuttle bus The bus to the S-Pulse Dream Plaza takes about 10 minutes and runs from JR Shimizu Station and stops at Shizutetsu Shin-Shimizu Station on the way to the S-Pulse Dream Plaza.

Business Hours 10:00-20:00 (Some Restaurants 10:00-21:00)
Parking for 1,600 cars

Various Events

Over 300 different events are held at the S-Pulse Dream Plaza throughout the year.
The shopping center attracts many local people to its music events, fairs and other types of events.
The S-Pulse Dream Plaza is one of the main entertainment and amusement areas in Shizuoka city.

[In the beginning of May ] Shizuoka Sweets Fair

Visitors can enjoy Shizuoka sweets all at the same time and place during the 10-day fair.
Over 50 sweets shops from around Shizuoka prefecture participate in the fair.
It is very popular, with visitors often making long lines to buy and enjoy their favorite sweets.

[In the beginning of September] Shizuoka Craft Beer Festival

Beer breweries from Shizuoka and from other parts of Japan come together on the wide terrace facing the ocean to offer you a wide variety of craft beer.
This is a great opportunity for beer lovers to enjoy a fine selection of beer with a magnificent view of the yacht harbor.

[Twice a year(in Spring an Autumn) ] Shimizu Tuna Festival

Shimizu Port, where the S-Pulse Dream Plaza is located, boasts the largest tuna catch in Japan.
This allows visitors to try many different dishes with tuna as well as events and activities involving tuna!

[In the beginning of May/ In the beginning of November]
Shimizu Port Street Performance Festival / Street Performance World Cup in Shizuoka (Daidogei)

Street performances are common and popular across the world.
Here in Shizuoka, two major street performance events take place annually.
Performers from across the world come to Shizuoka to show their amazing talents, attracting many local and foreign visitors to their performances in Shizuoka city.

[Fourth Sunday of every month] Japanese Drum Performance

Japanese drums are a Japanese traditional musical instruments with a history of more than a thousand years.
There are 10 Japanese drum teams in Shimizu and one out of them performs every month.
Visitors can enjoy their long-established performances that are unique to each local area.


Suruga Souvenir Shop

For visitors looking to buy souvenirs from Shizuoka, look no further.
Suruga Souvenir Shop offers one of the widest selections of souvenirs in Shizuoka prefecture Ranging from fish delicacies, Japanese confectionery, Shizuoka green tea and many more!
You are sure to find the perfect souvenir for your family and friends when you come to Suruga Souvenir Shop.

Suruga Minori (Products) Market

This popular market has a variety of fresh local vegetables from Shizuoka and Shimizu.
Vegetables fresh from the fields every morning and seasonal fruits are delivered and sold here.
Shimizu is often called “a town of canned food” because 10 canning plants with over 100 kinds of products are located in the area.
Quality canned products such as tuna, mackerel, and Shizuoka Oden (various kinds of ingredients such as fish paste cake, vegetables,
eggs stewed with soy-based sauce) are popular with many people.

Shinoda Liquor Shop

A rich variety of local brewed sake is selected and the best products of Shimizu sake breweries are available on the shelves of Shinoda Liquor Shop.
Various kinds of liquor are available including quality Shochu (distilled spirits) and organic wine. Please try the taste of Shizuoka sake in one of our tasting sessions for customers.


This shop features handmade goods crafted by 200 different artists.
The clothes and accessories that are found here are not available at any other place.
Plenty of Japanese arts and crafts such as fans, cloths with Japanese patterns are also sold here.
This is one of the best places to buy souvenirs that have a distinct Japanese feeling to you.


Information counter An information counter is on the first floor. Free to use wheelchairs and strollers are available here.

Wi-Fi spots Free Wi-Fi spots in the S-Pulse Dream Plaza are on the 1st floor, and in front of Chibi Maruko-chan Land on the 3rd floor.
Up to 60 minutes a day is free of charge (4 times of 15 minutes).

ATM Japanese yen can be withdrawn at Seven Bank ATM which is located close to the escalator on the 2nd floor.
The S-Pulse Dream Plaza does not offer money exchange services.

Credit card / cards VISA, Master, JCB, AMEX, Diners, Discover, and Ginren cards are accepted.
However, not all cards may be accepted in every shop and some stores may not accept credit cards.

Consumption tax exemption Tax refunds can be obtained at Suruga Souvenir Shop

Lockers Beside Togakushi Soba 1F
In front of Shimizu Soccer Shop 3F
Beside Amuseum(Game arcade,“Amuseum”) 3F
100 yen coin is necessary to use lockers. After use, the 100 yen coin is refunded.

Hands-on Experience

Group of three people or more
Group of 25 people or more
Limited program for groups
Reservations in advance are required

※An English guide or interpreter is available at an additional cost
☆Email address(Japanese and English):

For reservations and inquiries
Contact person : Hiroshi Ichikawa
TEL +81-54-354-3360 (Japanese only)

Let’s learn how to make Sushi! This is an experience in making and learning about sushi, a traditional food of Japan.
A professional sushi chef will give you tips so that you can make delicious sushi by yourself.
The sushi making experience also includes an entrance ticket to Shimizu Sushi Museum where visitors can learn about the history and culture of sushi.

2500 yen per person (including Sushi Museum entrance and lunch)

All-you-can-Pack "Shizuoka prefecture is the top producer of canned food in Japan."
You can try the “All-you-can-pack” experience with various kinds of canned products made in Shizuoka! You can take home as much as you can pack.
Participation fee: 500yen

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