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Birth as a facility that many customers in and out of the prefecture can enjoy!


S-PULSE DREAM PLAZA opened on October 8, 1999, which is the milestone of Shimizu Port (international trade port) opening port.

It was born as a key feature of the public-private waterfront redevelopment plan, with the keyword "Create bustle" in the Sunrise area, the birthplace of Shimizu Port.

The facility name " S-PULSE DREAM PLAZA " is located in Shimizu, the city where the J-League team "Shimizu S-Pulse" was born, and as a support base for S-Pulse, we named it as a crown as we hope many people gather. Today we are patronizing our local customers day by day, and on holidays we also have visitors to sightseeing from inside and outside the prefecture, making it a huge spot to enjoy for many people.

Attractive museums, shops and entertainment are enriched!

Each floor from the 1st floor to the 4th floor has a theme property, and it is a compound commercial facility that anyone can forget to forget the time.

"Shimizu sushi Yokocho," which is lined with unique sushi restaurants, competes with each other for fresh seasonal ingredients. The "Chibimarukochan land" is a hands-on and participatory museum where children and adults can enjoy the world of the popular anime [chibimarukochan] at the "Shimizu Sushi Museum" where you can learn about sushi.

Football Kingdom Shimizu's unique "Shimizu football shop" is indispensable to fans. In MOVIX Shimizu, a popular movie theater with a multifaceted screen and relaxing seats, it is screening a lot of seasonal movies. Seaside mall with distinctive shops and lots of restaurants filled with deliciousness.

Moreover, from "Ferris wheel Dream Sky" you can enjoy beautiful scenery such as Mt. Fuji and Southern Alps, and it is familiar as Shimizu's new landmark. You can enjoy shopping and dining in the Showa retro atmosphere, "Shimizu Alphabetic Street" opened in the summer of 2012. There are lots of fun events all over the weekend at the weekend!


Bay area with various facial expressions

The Shimizu Port Sunrise District where S-PULSE DREAM PLAZA stands is a great location spreading. A historic Shimizu Port and a yacht harbor in front of you, Shimizu Marine Park where a relaxing time flows. On sunny days, you can see Mt. Fuji from Ferris wheel Dream Sky. In order to enjoy this scenery, there are not a few people coming from the inland. Please try walking around the bay area where various attractions are full.

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